Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Join Primal Valley!

Attention, Lehigh Valley residents! Are you interested in the Primal/Paleo/Ancestral health movement? Then join my new Facebook group, Primal Valley! We will feature discussion, recipes, get–togethers, events, and more!

Map of the Lehigh ValleyImage from Wikimedia Commons

The Lehigh Valley is the third–largest metropolitan area in Pennsylvania, after Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, with more than 820,000 residents.1 Surely there are a great number of paleo folks in the area!

Do you live in or near the Lehigh Valley? Want to meet like–minded paleo people? What kinds of health–related activites would you be interested in?


1Lehigh Valley.Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia. 2011-08-17. Web. 2011-08-24.

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